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Keep Your Organization "Small" as it Grows

Boost your productivity. Know more about your groups.

Culminate Life provides the tools you need to successfully manage your small groups.

Generate Community

We understand that as your church or non-profit grows, it's important to keep your members connected. Culminate Groups allows your members to connect in smaller circles.

Gain insights about group membership and leaders from the dashboard overview.

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Dashboard Tools

Group management

These feature allows you to easily add, remove, and manage members, set permissions, and monitor group activities, ensuring efficient and effective groups for your organization.

Add group members
Remove group members
Assign group leaders
View attendance data
Set group categories
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Web & App


We offer users the ability to effortlessly locate and join groups that align with their interests. This intuitive tool allows for filtering by category, or searching by group name or leader's name, making it simple to connect with like-minded individuals and engage in relevant discussions or activities.

Multiple Tools

Leaders responsibilities simplified

Culminate Groups brings useful tools to the App for your leaders. There's no need to download multiple applications for different uses for leaders to interact with their members.

Add & remove group membersSubmit attendanceSend reminders & alerts to group membersUpload PDF filesCreate lists & polls for group members


Group members can communicate with each other through the app. Leaders can create new message groups for the members. Everyone can send polls, lists, and images in the message group. As an admin in the dashboard you can view all message groups, message the groups and take care of any issues that may arise.

Culminate Groups Pricing Overview

Total number of members in all groups:















Organizations are billed monthly at the beginning of each month for the usage of the previous month.