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The Foundation of the System

Community is the hub for the Culminate Life Platform.

Each solution builds on Community and maximizes data availability for your organization.

The Foundation

An organization makes the biggest impact in its community when its people are fully connected. Community is the foundation of the Culminate Life Platform fully connecting you with your organization members and potential members.

We believe that by anchoring ourselves in genuine community engagement, organizations can rise higher, supported by the collective strength of their members. Our platform isn’t just a tool, but a catalyst for unity, growth, and unparalleled achievement.

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Know Your People

It all starts with People

People join the platform by interacting with your App or Website through Forms, Events, Giving, and Check-in. An Organization Admin can manually enter a person as well.

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Add-on Information
Admins can create custom information fields in addition to the standard contact information that is built in.
Bi-directional Control
Admins can update information in the dashboard or your people can update through their account log-in in the App.
Designate persons as members or another status like a platform users.
People Groups
Organize people into groups for easy communication and tracking.
Know what your people are doing in the organization.
Auto Log
See who changed what and when.

First-Time Guests

It takes a lot of courage to walk into a new place and you understand the value of a first-time guest. Maximize your connection with them through Guest Forms and Plan A Visit Forms.

Discover all that's available in the Community Portal App!

Connect Sub-Pops

Most churches and non-profits have smaller ministries or groups within theirorganization. Easily create sub-pops for your people to connect.

Set logos to represent sub-pops

Send communications to sub-pop members

Track attendance

Highlight events related to certain sub-pops

Ability to accept dues

Assign leadership to specific sub-pops

Fully customizable Events at your fingertips!

Culminate Life opens the door wide open for options when creating events for your organization.

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Event Details

As you create your organization’s events, all the details will be published for your users - from dates, times, and locations to event descriptions. If your event requires more participant information for registration, you have the capability of creating forms and assigning them to the required event.

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Choose between paper or digital tickets, free or paid. Culminate also offers a tool to assign seats if needed. Simply monitor your head counts for each event in the Dashboard. And when it’s time for your event, use the Community Portal App to quickly check in ticket holders.

Knowledge Hub


Culminate gives you total control establishing event payments. You can use one-time payments or deposits with installments. And the platform reminds them to pay their balance. Want to encourage early sign-ups? Set an early bird price window. You can even generate discount codes for your organization’s needs.

Knowledge Hub

Enter podcast details to generate a RSS feed for podcast platforms
Upload audio files for episodes
Group episodes into series
Podcasts available through the mobile app
Link an Apple Playlist or Spotify to episodes
Link video files to episodes with the


Keep your organization’s media readily available in the Culminate Life App through a fully manageable podcast feature.


Keep members up to date with valuable information and reminders.

Creating announcements is similar to creating events in the Culminate Dashboard. Upload images and enter text to communicate announcements to your people. Choose notification settings to set automated distribution through push notifications, emails and text messages. Your announcements are readily available on the user’s homescreen.

Prayer Requests

Give your people a direct line for encouragement and support in a private and secure platform. Only persons with an account can access the form on the app or your website which blocks bots from sabotaging your organization. Your designated admins receive notifications for new prayer requests so they can respond in a timely manner.

Point Of Sale

Utilize the in-house retail management tool to monitor inventory and sales of your organization's merchandise.

Fully customizable through the dashboard
Create inventory lists with quantities
Utilize in-person and online order ahead sales
Review sales analytics
Create rewards and discount codes
Connect eligible inventory to individual giving records

Culminate Community Pricing Overview

Total number of members:















Organizations are billed monthly at the beginning of each month for the usage of the previous month.