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Keep your non-profit organization at the forefront of our digital world with multiple tools managed from one dashboard while being able to interface with your users through a website and app.

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Keep your church or non-profit organization at the forefront of our digital world with multiple tools managed from one dashboard while being able to interface with your users through a website and app.

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The Foundation of the System

Connect your organization with people in your community through multiple avenues such as Events, Announcements, and Podcasts.
Give your people a more personalized experience by creating Sub-Pops for them to join.
Utilize the Plan A Visit form and First-Time Guest form to create a hospitable experience for new contacts.
Your people also enjoy the convenience and simplicity of the Prayer Request form available through the Culminate Life App and Website.
Point of Sale
If your organization has merch, we have the solution for that as well. Explore the Point of Sale Add-on solution for Community.
Be able to know what your people are doing in your organization.

Imagine memberships, livestreams, podcasts and more on your own branded mobile app and website! Discover the advantages to White Label the Culminate Life Platform.


Take advantage of a customizable website FREE with Culminate Life Community. And don’t worry about having knowledge to code. We make website building simple with drag and drop elements as well as predefined pages to function in sync with the app.

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Culminate Life understands that people’s preferences for communications differ across generations. We provide multiple avenues and allow your people to choose their preference in the Culminate Life App.

Notable Add-Ons

Explore our curated selection of enhancements to elevate your experience and functionality.

Video on Demand

Your organization’s members have access to all your video content through both your app and website. Culminate Life supports multi-bit-rate streaming. Link your videos to podcasts, events, and simulcasts.

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Live Stream

Steam high quality live video through your organizations’s app, website, and other video streaming platforms. Live stream videos can be linked to podcast episodes.

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Point of Sale

Transform your transactions with our Point of Sale add-on. Designed for seamless integration and efficiency, this feature empowers your business with a fast, user-friendly checkout process, real-time inventory tracking, and comprehensive sales reports.

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Expand Giving Options for Your Members

Culminate Giving busts the doors wide open for your organization.
As an admin through the Culminate Life Dashboard, you will discover easy to read reports and analysis of all your giving transactions.

Payment Types
The solution accommodates multiple gift types including digital, cash, check, and non-cash.
It is a dynamic system giving you the ability to create categories specific for your organization.
Your people can enjoy personalized control of their giving through both the Culminate Life App and Website.
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Safety for Children; Peace of Mind for Parents

Culminate Check-In makes your organization reputable and trustworthy by creating a secure environment for children.

Parents enjoy the convenience and ease of creating their family and registering their children in the Culminate Life App or Website.
Checking their child in is a digital experience with the Check-In Portal App.
They can leave their child with confidence knowing only they have the one time use check-out code.
Culminate Life understands your organization will have first-time guests that are unaware of the Check-In system and provides an expedited method using the Temp Label system in the Admin view of the Check-In Portal App.
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Keep Your Organization "Small" as it Grows

The best way an organization can serve its members, is through smaller circles. Culminate Life Groups provides all the resources to do that effectively.
Enjoy a dynamic management system for groups through the Dashboard where your Admin can create groups, assign group admins, track attendance and utilize communications.
Your assigned small group admins will appreciate the in-app messaging with members where they can also share pics and pdf files in addition to creating polls and checklists.
Coming Soon
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Streamlined Volunteer Management

Culminate Life is excited to add a new solution to the platform in the near future. Teams will give you a fully customizable volunteer system to fit your organization’s needs. It will allow you to personalize the reminder system, communicate with your volunteers, and track their activity history.




Culminate Life wants to give non-profits and churches the opportunity to use the latest digital tools and resources to stay fully connected with their community. Let’s grow together!

Tired Pricing:
We operate on a tiered pricing system that grows with you.
We offer discounts when your organization signs up for multiple solutions
Endless Options:
We also offer white label options, data migration and video resources.
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Culminate Life Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is a curated collection of guides for Culminate Life platform users, designed to enhance your experience and maximize service potential. It offers practical steps for church leaders and non-profit professionals to achieve efficiency and excellence.

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