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Safety for Children; Peace of Mind for Parents

Be the organization that parents trust with their most prized treasures.

Culminate Check-In connects to People established in Culminate Community and creates a highly secure environment for your organization.

How it works

Peace of Mind for Parents

Parents have maximum control when entering and updating their child's information. Emergency contact numbers, any allergies, or medical information are entered during the set up and can be edited any time by the parent. These will print on the child's check-in label with the most important details printed in red.

Parents set permission for persons who can check in and check out their child. Once the set up process is complete, simply invite a second parent or grandparent to share the same Check-In settings and permissions.

When it's time to Check-out

Your parents will enjoy the convenience of having a digital QR code always on their device ready each week for checking their child in.

When it's time to check out their child, they can know that the one-time generated check-out code cannot be duplicated ensuring their child is safe until they arrive to pick them up.

Faster Check-out

Check-In Portal App

The Check-In Portal App is your leader's best friend.

Admin View
Leaders can easily view who is checked in, see the check-in time, and identify which parent checked the child in.
2D Scanner
When it’s time for check-out, using a 2D scanner (recommended but not required) can expedite the process.
Culminate Check-In System
This feature includes a multiple location function, allowing parents with children in different departments to quickly pick up their next child. As children are checked out, the system updates to show only those still awaiting check-out.

Check-In devices are locked to your organization and can be deactivated in the dashboard.

check-out view

What about first-time attendees?

Culminate Check-In Portal App allows admins to create Temp Labels for first-time guests.

Culminate Life Dashboard

The Dashboard opens even more resources for your organization's admins. From managing data to communications and so much more!

Information Management
View and update Parent/Child information.
Daily Overview
View current day’s attendance totals.
Individual History
View attendance history for individuals.
Trend Analysis
Determine attendance patterns over time.
Communication Tools
Send notifications to an individual or group.
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Culminate Life Check-In Goes Beyond Traditional Child Check-In Services

Utilize Connect Sup-pops for attendance tracking with older students. Set up an easy one click, self-service style or have leaders conduct the check-in process in the Check-In Portal App.

Culminate Life Pairs with 2D Scanners

Expedite processes in the Culminate Life platform with 2D scanners from our affiliate store.

2D Bluetooth Scanner
Brother Printer

Culminate Life: Proud Partner with Brother®

Utilize seamless printing with dual color printing to highlight emergency numbers and allergy/medical information.


Culminate Check-in Pricing Overview

Total number of check-ins per month:















Organizations are billed monthly at the beginning of each month for the usage of the previous month.